Why Writing Children Stories?

I started to write children stories quite late in my life. The feeling of wanting to write was always present but not the courage of doing it. When I finally had the guts to start, another question popped up. What am I going to write about? A lot of images and words rushed into my head, aliens, bumblebees, witches, my two cats, ladybugs, rabbits.
Why not writing children stories? I fell in love with the idea. I knew that writing children stories is not an easy thing to do but it's a fun one.
Kids like to read a lot and that's a great thing. Reading helps kids boost their imagination and creativity.
 Without imagination, we would still be living in caves.
The important thing is to find a way into children's imagination through your words. Is there anything more satisfying than that?
Reading connects children with the world and helps them better know and understand it. If writing is communication, reading is too. Encouraging kids to read is helping them communicate. And what do we use every day to connect with each other? Communication.

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