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Children books, children picture books, children rhyming stories!

Inside this site you will be easily able to escape to another world from your day to day existence that for most of us is so dull! Even if it’s not, happy and lucky you, by all means, be my guest! What you’ll find here might add a little bit of magic to your life.

Oups! I forgot to tell you that this site is, first of all for children of 99 years or less. If after this age you still consider yourself a child, you are more than welcome to enter and enjoy my worlds.

Children love stories! You can read short presentations or watch funny videos about children books I wrote: children picture books, children rhyming stories, children books with funny and mysterious animals and situations, children books about aliens and dragons.

Parents might find something interesting, too, especially if they have a baby girl or a baby boy! These journals will help parents build memories of their baby girl or baby boy when she/he was less than 12 months old. It can, also, keep track of all the little things the baby girl or baby boy did to grow up.

And, again, dear parents, if your child wants to improve his or her English you will find (very soon) funny educational material conceived to learn with pleasure. Wouldn’t it be pleasant and amusing to write a journal about your cat?

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