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Short Stories for Kids



“I’ve always liked to write  Short Stories for Kids”
Maria Rusu is a teacher, a translator. As she herself said, she is not a writer although she has always liked to write short stories for kids. She used to teach English as a secondary language in Montreal, Canada, the country which adopted her 20 years ago. She lives in Montreal with her daughter and their two lovely cats, Rosy and Minou.
"I remember the years of my childhood when, before going to sleep, my brother and I were waiting impatiently for our father to read us a new short story.
Years passed, we grew up, and on the little night table there is always a book to grab and read before falling asleep."

“Why did I choose to write for children? Can writing short stories for kids be something you choose, something you decide because somebody told you it is funny and easy? Funny, it is. Easy, not at all. But it is great! At the end of one hour of writing, I feel like after a successful therapy, only it is free.”

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