Rhyming Stories for Children

Do Children Like Rhyming Stories?  



There are children who like to read and who hate even the idea of opening a book. Trust me, as a teacher, I met, unfortunately, quite a lot of students who find no joy, no pleasure, no interest in reading. Sad, isn't it! So many doors giving to wonderful, adventurous, mysterious worlds are closed to them until they decide to open them.


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Should we, as parents, declare ourselves defeated as soon as we hear "No way" when we try to convince our children to read? Absolutely not! How to do it? I'm afraid there's no universal receipt.


Maria's Amazon Page

There are children who like rhyming stories a lot, a little or not at all. Of course there are kids who do not want to know anything about rhyming stories. People who write them will never give up because of that. Deep down in their heart they hope that, at least, one of these kids will open and read one of their books and enjoy it.

My book The Rabbit In My Dream contains two short rhyming stories: Two Red Bugs and The Rabbit In My Dream.

Two Red Bugs  is the story of two adventurous red bugs.

The Rabbit In My Dream is the story of a rabbit who asks for help in someone's ... dream.