Greg and Gary, a Children Book Series

The Children Book Series, Greg and Gary, will take you far, far away. You'll find yourself in a world that has little to do with yours. Back, you'll say "WOW! What a wonderful world!"

A green alien and a funny space dragon, Greg and Gary, student and teacher, will tell you a lot of their great adventures. They will surprise and enchant you in the same time. Their world has nothing to do with ours. Their world is somewhere far, far away in the sky, on a red planet called Roca and where all the inhabitants are aliens.

The 4 Mysterious Aliens

alien, dragon

This is the first story from the book series "Greg and Gary", It's the story  where the two main characters, Greg the green alien, and Gary, the space dragon, meet.

Halloween in Danger


In this story, the second one from the book series "Greg and Gary", Halloween is in danger to disappear. It will happen if all its characters do not get in time on Earth for Halloween. Everybody on Earth will lose any memory of Halloween. Will it be possible? To find out you need to read the story.