Free Short Stories

Free Short Stories

Welcome to this page! These stories were inspired by images I found on the Internet. They surprised me. They seemed to tell me something. And so, a short story was born.

Benny, the blue elephant

Benny is a very cute blue elephant with big blue eyes.     When you look into them you melt down and fall right away under their magic spell. Unfortunately for Benny, nobody stays too much under his ... charm.
Maybe, it is Benny himself who makes the spell disappear.

At this point of the story, you need to learn a troubling truth: Benny is a very talkative elephant.

elephantYears passed by but Benny didn't change a bit. He keeps talking and talking, and... talking.
Nobody can resist listening to him too long. That's why Benny does not have friends and he cannot understand why all the other animals and birds are avoiding him. Every passing day he is lonelier and lonelier and sadder and sadder
One day, after drinking water from the river, a gorgeous, violet butterfly landed on his trunk. The butterfly was, maybe, very tired.
For the first time in his life, Benny was speechless but it took him less than a couple of seconds to wake up from this unusual state of mind and a torrent of words started to flow and louder and louder.
The butterfly didn't move nor did he fly away.           On the contrary, he seemed to be very happy to listen to this noisy elephant.
If you happen to take a walk in the jungle, don' be surprised to come across two inseparable friends, Benny and the silent butterfly.

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