Children’s Book Series

A captivating children's book series                 

An almost true and funny children's book series about two unusual cats 

In this children's book series, Kiki the Kitty, a very playful calico kitten, gets adopted. She becomes, thus, the youngest member of a cat-loving family.

Surprise! The family has another cat, Merlot, who is older and grumpy, and sad, and not funny.

Kiki the Kitty has no idea that her adoption implies also a difficult challenge: help the grumpy cat become again the funny cat he was before.

Will she succeed?                        CLICK ON THE IMAGE!

This is the first story of a series of several stories with many funny situations, with new and, sometimes, intriguing characters, with mysterious places and adventures.

For the moment, the main characters are the little girl, April, and the two cats, Merlot and Kiki. I said they are unusual and soon you'll find out why. Another character will join this trio and I'm sure you'll love him.