Cats! She never thought that one day she would write about her cats.

Maria lives in Montreal with her daughter and their two lovely cats, Rosy and Minou.
Whether she likes to write or not or whether she feels the desire to write or not has absolutely no importance for the child who's reading her stories. What's important is whether the child likes or not the stories.

She hopes you will like her stories

Many of the stories are about funny animals or insects, but some of them are about nice or mysterious aliens. In one of the stories aliens meet with Halloween characters and that is really strange. 

 She writes also nonfiction books.

If you love and have cats you are in the right place. Maria published a journal, My Cat's Book, about...cats. You will find interesting facts as well as explanations about some of this animal's behaviors. If you want to describe or write about this cherished animal you'll find two pages of words that you will surely consider very useful. You'll learn how to draw it. You have plenty of pages to write about your pet. Years and years later you'll read this book with great pleasure.