This cats book that I called My Cat's Book is for all the children, and not only, who have a cat or cats or who just love cats.

How much do you know about this mysterious animal, the cat, who has always fascinated us, the humans? In this funny cats book, you will find interesting facts about cats as well as explanations about some of this animal's behaviors 

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If you want to describe or write about this cherished animal you'll find two pages of words that you will surely consider very useful and many other funny things.
You'll learn how to draw cats. You have plenty of pages to write about your cat. Years and years later you'll read this book with great pleasure.



Have a look at the preview of this cats book!

My Cat's Book-preview

Why My Baby Girl Journal from 1 to 12 months old?

What's a baby girl journal good for? Your daughter is a baby now. I have a daughter, too and once she was a baby, just like yours. But I cannot remember the things she was doing at that time, things that for me were so exciting, unbelievable, unique. I cannot even refresh my memory because ... I did not keep a journal. I have always had the intention to do it but I never bought a notebook to write on. It happened to me and to many other mothers. That's why I created this very simple baby girl journal: for you to record memories and milestones that you can share with your family or with your friends or just to refresh your memories. Happy writing!

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