Children book series - second volume

The second volume of the children book series Greg and Gary presents a funny story whose action does not take place on Earth but on a far away red planet. There are so many funny characters and surprising situations!

When Greg, the green alien, met Gary for the first time, he had no idea his life would become so exciting, so full of unbelievable adventures!


For their first adventure, Greg and Gary had to discover the source of some strange sounds coming from a huge cave.
This time things are more complicated. They have to find the Halloween characters lost in the Roca Mountains and help them get get back to Earth before the night of Halloween.
Will they be able to do it and how? Curious? Read the story!


All Halloween characters have to be present on Earth during the holiday, otherwise nobody will remember it. It is like something gets permanently erased from memory.8


Up there, far, far away in the sky on a Planet called Roca, nobody has ever heard of Halloween.That's why, when a little witch appeared riding her broom among aliens and flying saucers, nobody knew what or who she was, because nobody had ever seen a witch







Or, maybe, I'm wrong. There is somebody who knows about witches and Halloween. As soon as Gary got the message about this strange visitor, he said loudly: "What's a Halloween witch doing on Roca?"






Mysterious Aliens? Who Are They?

The Children Book Series, Greg and Gary, will take you far, far away. You'll find yourself in a world that has little to do with yours. Back, you'll say "WOW! What a wonderful world!"

A green alien and a funny space dragon, Greg and Gary, student and teacher, will tell you a lot of their great adventures. They will surprise and enchant you in the same time. Their world has nothing to do with ours. Their world is somewhere far, far away in the sky, on a red planet called Roca and where all the inhabitants are aliens.

Greg, the young green alien, has a great time during his first adventure with Gary the Space Dragon. Everything happens in the strange and massive mountains on Planet Roca.


This planet is at 1,230 light-years away from Earth and even if it is huge, from your window, it looks like a tiny shiny star. Like all the other aliens who live on Roca, Greg travels in a big flying-saucer that he will use, for the first time, in this adventure.
Many other mysterious adventures will follow.

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